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An overview of roomscale tracking technologies – Oct 2018

- October 7, 2018

Some will argue (and I am one them), that the best feature of VR is roomscale. The freedom to move around and explore your virtual surrounding contributes to the sense of presence and agency, which really sets VR apart from any other media. This is often referred to as 6 degrees of freedom (or 6DOF). …
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Thoughts about the VR gaming market, sales and profits

- May 15, 2018

As of the writing of this blog post (May 2018), Beat Saber is the darling of the VR gaming market. Universally praised, highly reviewed and fiendishly fun, it’s truly a gem. Three weeks after release, Hyperbolic Magnetism reported to have sold 100k copies. Lets dive into that number, shall we? Beat Saber sold 100k copies at $20, …
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Should I use wrist weights to increase my VR workout? (NO)

- May 6, 2018

With the release of the hit VR rhythm game, Beat Saber, I’ve seen lots of talk about adding wrist and ankle weights to increase the workout, or to “take it to the next level”. Wrist and ankle weights for VR is a really bad idea. It’s will provide marginal benefits while greatly increasing your chances of …
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VR Treadmill Overview – March 2018

- March 25, 2018

– Last updated on April 24, 2018 VR treadmills have been trending recently, so I decided to do some research and also share my own experience. There is a lot of noise but very few actual products. Here is what I found: Slidemills systems This is the cheapest and most common design for a VR treadmill, …
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3DOF, 6DOF, RoomScale VR, 360 Video and Everything In Between

- February 25, 2018

3DOF vs 6DOF DOF means Degrees Of Freedom, the number of different “directions” that an object can move in 3D space. 3DOF VR headsets can track your head orientation, i.e., it knows where you are looking. The 3 axis are roll, yaw and pitch. 6DOF headsets will track orientation and position, the headsets knows where …
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Zed Mini – Unboxing and a Quick Review

- January 29, 2018

In The Box My two Zed Mini cameras arrived today, after a bit of a delay (pre-order placed sometime in Oct 17, was scheduled to ship in Nov. Included in the box: Camera Lens cap Bracket for the HTC Vive Paper alignment helper thingy Short USB-C cable (1m) Long USB-C cable (~4m, not pictured) Software …
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VR Water Sphere

- November 11, 2017

I’m building a VR art gallery for Lena Gorelick, a local artist whom also happens to be my wife. Here is one of the interactive displays. Experimenting with fluid mechanics in VR.