Increasing the HTC Vive FOV

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April 15, 2017

This very simple hack will dramatically increase your HTC Vive field-of-view. The Vive comes with two face covers packaged in the box, wide and narrow. I opted to hack the narrow one since I wasn’t using it (I’m mr. big head).

Warning – If you need glasses to use the Vive this might not work for you.

Here is the FOV increase I got (approx), compared to the stock wide face cover.


The stock “narrow” face cover:


Take a sharp knife and carefully slice off 2/3 of the foam. It can be a bit tricky to get it nice and even and it’s a lot easier if you have another pair of hands to help hold it down (preferably a pair of hands that are connected to person).


Aaaaaand.. that’s it. Here is the shaved-down face cover on my vive, which is also sporting the welder headset mod (highly recommended, if you can’t wait for the deluxe strap or want a cheaper solution). I didn’t notice any difference in comfort. Have fun!