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Code outside the box

We are a team of professional software developers and academics, working together to provide software & hardware solutions. We thrive in the space between code and the physical world and we develop solutions that sense, manipulate and move around in the environment.

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Virtual Reality

We design and develop Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality games and experiences.

We can build your idea, or help you refine it. We can deliver games or applications for Google Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, Windows MR or the HTC Vive (our preferred platform). We specialize in safety and training applications for the manufacturing, power and aerospace industries.

Augmented Reality demo of Alien Attack

Augmented Reality

Bring to life static everyday objects, from business cards, to books, magazines, brochures and even three dimensional items such as toys or consumer products. Overlay, animate, gamify and extend your marketing materials.

Try it yourself, download our AR apps from the links below (Android only). Run the app and point your smartphone camera at one of our cards. If you don't have any, you can download and print our business card or the Alien Attack game card.

Business Card AR Alien Attack

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We develop software under Windows or Linux, using C# & .Net, Matlab, C++, Java or Python. We are familiar with OpenCV, EMGU, PCL, OpenNI and other CV and Image processing libraries.

We have experience in a wide range of fields, including virtual reality, augmented reality, action recognition in video, shape detection in stills, segmentation, medical imaging, 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D reconstruction, gesture and finger detection using depth cameras, optical flow, face tracking and much more.

With decades of combined expertise, we can develop and implement algorithms to solve real world problems. We will choose the right hardware, cameras or sensors for your needs and provide a start-to-finish service.

A wide range of hardware and sensors on a table

Hardware & Sensors

We can recommend the hardware most suited for your needs, or work with the equipment you already have. We have experience with a wide range of small board computers, cameras and sensors, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, machine vision cameras and depth cameras.

We can build custom hardware, testing rigs, quadcopters, robotics or tactile user interfaces. We have the facilities and expertise to design, test and fabricate in-house most of the parts needed for small to medium projects, allowing a very quick turnaround time. We've also worked with thermal imagers, capacitance sensors, laser scanners and more exotic forms of remote sensing and data acquisition.