An overview of the 3D printer Kickstaters – Part 1 – The Disasters

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May 20, 2016

A list of 3D printer kickstaters that were successfully funded and what happened to them afterwards.

Complete Disaster

RigidBot 2013 , $335

RigidBot raised over $1,000,000 on Kickstater back in 2013. The design seemed solid but that wasn’t enough. Some backers got their printers but reported poor performance and a slew of technical problems. On September 2015 the company folded, stopped shipping printers, stopped issuing refunds and ignored all communication since then. The Kickstater comments page still has people clamoring for a refund, which will probably never come.

Peachy Printer 2013 , $100

One of the most spectacular disasters on this list, Peachy Printer raised a lot of money (over 1m from kickstater, indigogo and government funding) back in 2013. They then went on spending most of the money on salaries and a house. Yup, one of the founders allegedly stole over $300k and built a house. They announced the theft with the most bizarre video and cringe-worthy video I’ve ever seen, including melodramatic background music and super sad faces in closeup. A few days ago they released a video of a flimsy ad-hoc printer in action, showing almost no progress compared to their KS prototype, after 18 months and $1,000,000 spent.

Pirate3d, Buccaneer 2013 , $247

Raised almost $1.5m, Pirate3D delayed shipping again and again, and eventually announced that not all the backers will get their printer. Amazingly, they are still selling printers on their website.

FLX.ARM 2014 , $1800

Featuring a unique SCARA-based 3D printer, they raised almost $90k on KS. Over a year later, there are still updates but the printer itself is nowhere close to shipping. Also, there is a reason why nobody makes SCARA 3D printers, it’s just a terrible design choice for this application.

Phoenix3d, EZ3D 2013 , $349

Raised almost $110k in 2013, went bankrupt in 2015. Very few backers got their printer.

iBox Nano 2014 , $189

Raised over $450k in 2014, they actually shipped “printers” but they didn’t really work. Terrible software, poor hardware choices, super slow. They tried a second kickstater that failed to fund.

Pegasus Touch 2014 , $1750

A kickstater From Full Spectrum Laser (a company that I have zero love for and that is very hostile towards makers/tinkers and loves DRM) ran this KS and raked in $819k. Many backers did not get their printers, those who did are reporting major issues. The company has since stopped all communications via their KS page and are heavily moderating their forums. Just like their laser-cutters, this printer must be online-activated and if you buy it used you need to pay a transfer fee just to use your device. No thanks.

David, Sculptify 2014 , $2745

A printer that was supposed to run on pellents instead of filament, they raised $110k back in 2014. Very few backers (if any) actually got their printer and the company has since quietly vanished.

Helix3d 2013 , $4750

One of the highest priced printers on this list, Helix3D tried (and failed) to make what was basically a scaled up but otherwise very standard reprap. over 100 backed, but not all printers shipped. I am unsure if refunds were issued, the company has since shut down.

CobbleBot 2014 , $299

I’m afraid to write anything about CobbleBot.
I’ll just drop these links here: