VR for Industry

Published on

September 19, 2017

Geiger Counter

Training and testing on the usage of a hand-held radiation detector.

This is a pilot project for the nuclear power plant in Pickering, Ontario. An operator places a virtual radiation source on the table and the trainee has to find it. Only the operator can see the source on screen. In VR, this test can be conducted in an office or even at home, without expensive equipment and without exposing trainees to a radiation source.

Crane Demo

This is a demo of combining a virtual device (the crane) with a real-life controller (the levers). The user can see the levers in VR and operate the controller with their hands. The virtual and physical controllers are mapped 1:1 (position and scale). It is also possible to show the user’s hands in VR, for easier orientation.

Audio Testing Room

This was is a test developed for the audiology department at the University of Western Ontario. A user is presented with a VR room that includes several audio sources. The sources can be moved in 3D space and their volume / reach adjusted. This VR setup could potentially replace audio testing rooms, which have dozens of custom speakers and cost upwards of $100k.