Introducing CamJuice

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August 19, 2011

CamJuice v1.0 is ready !

CamJuice is an automatic, motion-triggered, photography application for Canon DSLR cameras. Connect your Canon DSLR camera to a laptop or PC, point it somewhere interesting, and step back. When movement is detected, CamJuice will trigger the camera. CamJuice can use the LiveView feed directly from your Canon camera, or from a regular webcam.

A few samples of what CamJuice can do :

CamJuice v1.0

Unzip file to any folder, run CamJuice to start.

Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework (link)
Windows 7, Vista or XP
Canon DSLR (with LiveView)

Send us your CamJuice shots, we would love to see them!

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