WaxCast by MakerJuice, first results

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May 9, 2016

I’ve recently started a small jewelry business with my wife (NunAndNoot), she is the designer and I’m the technician. Our biggest struggle is to reduce the cost of making our items, and to do so I need to be able to 3D print the items at home and cast directly from the prints.

Enter, WaxCast by MakerJuice. I’ve tried several castable resins (including B9 and FunToDo), and so far WaxCast has been the best to print with. Detail is great, and support break off easily and cleanly. I still don’t know how well it actually casts, that will be tested next week.

I’m currently printing at 4s exposure time at 50um layers, 6mm Z travel and slicing using the terrible Creation Workshop (still can’t find any alternative that actually works with support structure).


Here is the latest prints, notice they have a few random bad layers. I’m still trying to figure out where those comes from. Any ideas?