We are a team of professional software developers and academics, working together to provide custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions. We specialize in safety and training applications for the manufacturing, power and aerospace industries. We prefer using the HTC Vive and many of our projects include custom built hardware that mimics or simulates real-world equipment or devices.

Geiger Counter - Virtual Reality training

Training and testing on the usage of a hand-held radiation detector.

We developed this VR application for the Pickering nuclear power plant. An operator places a virtual radiation source on the table and the trainee has to find it. A mathematical model, in conjunction with a physical simulation, results in a highly accurate and responsive virtual Geiger counter. This test can be conducted in an office or even at home, without expensive equipment and without exposing trainees to a harmful radiation.

Airlock simulator and trainer

A power plant airlock system that we modeled and simulated in VR, for training new employees. This system helps workers get familiar with the procedure required to enter and exit the airlock, and will simulate the cramped conditions inside to test for claustrophobe or stress response. Runs on the HTC Vive.

4D work scheduling

This system connects to the plant's work planning and scheduling database. It uses a combination of 3D scanned environments and CAD files to recreate work locations and gives the user an option to move time forwards and backwards, to visualize how the work progresses. This allows the work manager to detect conflicts in resources and space ahead of time. In this particular example, it was discovered that the crane would need to be assembled inside the room, as it doesn't fit through the door.

Augmented Reality Business Card

We spruced up our Packet39 Business cards with some Augmented Reality magic. Realtime digital 3D graphics overlay, attached to a physical object. If you want to try it yourself, download the app (Android only). You'll need a Packet39 card, print one if you don't have any.

Interactive displays

Demo reel of interactive displays and applications we have developed over the past decade. Detection is done using cameras and computer vision. Effects play in a powerful and customizable 3D framework. Most effects can be stacked and combined. An editor allowed our clients to create unique experiences with their own graphics and media.

Whisper Room

Developed for the audiology department at the University of Western Ontario, this VR application can simulate a wide range of accustic environments. A user is presented with a room that includes several audio sources. The sources can be moved in 3D space and their volume / reach adjusted. This VR setup could potentially replace audio testing rooms, which have dozens of custom built speakers and cost upwards of $100k.