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Automatic bird photoraphy using webcam

- March 26, 2011

Here is an old setup I made a few years ago. That’s my (long dead) Canon 300D, a 550FX Flash, EF 70-200mm F4. A webcam is used to detection motion which then triggers the camera via the USB connection. I always liked Canon for their free camera SDK. I am now working on reviving and …
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How I scratched and fixed my Canon EFS 17-55mm.

- March 25, 2011

Saguaro Lake, Phoenix, Arizona. My knockoff lens hood (3.95$ on ebay) bumps on the railing and flies off the camera. It lands right on the edge of the deck and for a fraction of a second cant decide which way to go. I hold my breath. It flips over and vanishes into the dark waters. …
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