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Three.JS for Fun & Profit

- May 4, 2016

I’m giving a talk this Thursday at ExplodeConf in London, Ontario. The talk is about Three.JS, a neat JavaScript WebGL wrapper for creating 3D content in your browser. I will post the full slides after the talk, here is a sneak peek at what I will be creating, piece by piece, during my presentation. Click on …
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Resin Casting – Tips and Tricks

- April 3, 2016

Got a physical object you want to duplicate? Want to make 100 copies of a 3D print, but can’t afford to wait 100 days? Do you want a robust sculpture but don’t have a kiln? Resin casting to the rescue! Getting started You will need an item to be duplicated, 2-part silicone for the mold …
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Building a laser engraver, Part 2

- March 29, 2016

While waiting for my L-Cheap 3.5W laser to arrive, I decide to fit my layer engraver with a drawing head so I can test the software toolchain. I hooked up two 12v solenoids to the hotend port of the Azteeh X5 controller board. The Smoothieboard firmware has an option to define “Switches“, these are very handy …
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A review of the Wanhao Duplicator I3

- March 8, 2016

This review is actually 3 months old and was originally published on Reddit. I’m now posting it here, so I can further cash in on it. My giant delta, recently decommission due to lack of use and converted into a laser engraver Wanhao I3 Review About three years ago I got infected with 3DPrintinitus. I …
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Building a laser engraver, Part 1

- March 5, 2016

My wife recently launched, where she sells her unique sculpture-like 3D printed jewelry. She also sells original artwork, and I wanted to laser engrave her drawings on wood. Jon Hylands loaned me his Emblaser unit to experiment. After playing around with it for two weeks this is what I learned: 1. Lasers are an awesome …
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Modifying the Acer X152H Projector to work with a DLP 3D Printer

- February 3, 2016

Why the Acer X152H It’s relatively cheap, It’s 1080p and it’s easy to modify for short-focus. Also, it’s pretty much the only option (as of Jan 2016) if you want an HD image that is crisp across the whole build plate. There are other projectors that are HD and do not require modifying, but you …
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The LittleRP – A review and Getting Started guide


We needed a printer to test Nün&Noot designs without having to cast them, so we got a LittleRP 3D printer. It took a while to calibrate and get good results, so I decided to write a review and a “getting started” guide. Here it is. What is the LittleRP? The LittleRP is a kit for building …
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Introducing CamJuice

- August 19, 2011

CamJuice v1.0 is ready ! CamJuice is an automatic, motion-triggered, photography application for Canon DSLR cameras. Connect your Canon DSLR camera to a laptop or PC, point it somewhere interesting, and step back. When movement is detected, CamJuice will trigger the camera. CamJuice can use the LiveView feed directly from your Canon camera, or from a regular webcam. …
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