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VR for Industry

- September 19, 2017

Geiger Counter Training and testing on the usage of a hand-held radiation detector. This is a pilot project for the nuclear power plant in Pickering, Ontario. An operator places a virtual radiation source on the table and the trainee has to find it. Only the operator can see the source on screen. In VR, this …
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VR Gallery for Lena Gorelick @ Nün&Noot

- September 17, 2017

The Lena Gorelick VR Art Gallery showcases sketches, drawings, interactive sculptures and jewelry. Explore Lena’s work in roomscale Virtual Reality powered by the HTC Vive Pro headset. Work in progress. Unity3D and ZBrush. Art and sculptures by Lena Gorelick @    

Teardown of the Acer / Microsoft “Mixed Reality” VR headset

- August 4, 2017

I wanted to see whats inside the new Acer VR headset that my company (Packet39) received a few days ago. So I took it apart and documented the process. Velcro comes off, then 6 small screws. Then the plastic “face cover” detaches, and the headband with it.       The two lens holders (or …
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Leap motion and the vive tracker


Here is a quick experiment to see if I can merge real-life objects and the Leap Motion hand tracking. Results are … mixed. See for yourself:

3D modeling curved objects with a flatbed scanner


Here is a neat trick that can save a lot of time when modeling objects. Say you have an object that you want to model with high fidelity. And also say you are planning to attach a Vive tracker to this object and swing it around in VR (coming soon). Like so: How would you …
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VR Teeth

- July 15, 2017

I invited my dentist for a VR tour inside a room-size 3D scan of my teeth His jaw dropped. Har har.

Increasing the HTC Vive FOV

- April 15, 2017

This very simple hack will dramatically increase your HTC Vive field-of-view. The Vive comes with two face covers packaged in the box, wide and narrow. I opted to hack the narrow one since I wasn’t using it (I’m mr. big head). Warning – If you need glasses to use the Vive this might not work for you. …
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