When I just started out with 3D printing, somewhere back in 2012, I experimented with different ways to paint or stain my prints. I had some tiedye colors lying around, so I decided to put a white PLA print in a jar of water and dye and see what happens. The jar was placed in the back of one of my workshop cupboards, and 8.2 seconds later I completely forgot about it.

Flash forward to spring 2016, I find the jar while cleaning out my workshop. Curious about this interesting and accidental experiment, I fished out the PLA part.

What do you think happens to PLA after being submerged in water for over 3.5 years?


The answer: Absolutely nothing. It looks and feels exactly like the day it came off the printer.

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Shachar "Vice" Weis is the founder and CEO of Packet39, a developer of Virtual & Augmented Reality custom software and hardware solutions for the manufacturing, power and aerospace industries.